About Us

G Talent Pro is a Registered Trademark and an innovative platform to redefine the talent search journey in a modern way using smart technology. G Talent Pro is built by passionate people to address the social problem and reduce the unemployment globally. G Talent Pro connects the right talent with the right opportunity to build a strong career guidance and growth

Ultimate aim to help Talent getting their Aspiring Jobs.

We help hiring talent from Last Mile, which eventually help both Talents and employer solving a greater problem and create transparency in hiring process. We have greater expertise for many years in talent mapping and building strong candidate pipelining in multiple industries, all of which we save your resources, time and cost in Talent Hunting and Job Hunting.

We help Campuses for the effortless placement opportunity. We are deep-rooted and cut across with various industry vertical to bring the countless job opportunity to help talents and employers under our platform.

We Talent hunt in industries including: Information Technology, Software Development, Energy, Finance, Insurance, Fintech, Logistics, Supply Chain, Real Estate eCommerce, Marketplaces, Networks, Utilities, Real Estate, Automotive, Urban Planning, Robotics and Automation.

Our complete suite of solution brings lot of value-added services related to Placements, Recruitment, Learning and Development. We believe in Life Long learning, because life never stop teaching. We have larger global connect to bring integrated courses and advance learning programs to tap the industry / market demands in emerging technologies. We are in the digital transformation journey for past few years, we are interested and focused to bring change in talent search journey. We need all your help and support to grow together.

Our aspiration to continue strengthen our Talent network and attract right talents from last mile.

All our request is please register to our website under your category and help grow the community to help millions of lives taping right opportunity. Be a part of the change.

We are glad and our heartiest welcome to you to be part of G Talent Pro, Next Gen Talent Platform. #1 Revolutionary and innovative platform to redefine the Talent Search.