Centre of Learning Excellence

Centre of Learning Excellence focused on the modernize approach  aligned with the industry growing demands. enable Campus & Employers to easily plugin to match any Learning and development  requirements  to enrich Skills and Knowledge of students and employees' to become future ready.

brings a world class Standard offerings with the Committed and Guaranteed outcomes.

Online Coding Platform

There are various reasons why coding is important to learn for students, Fresh Grads & Employees'. Learn from the right platform make them confident to build a strong career. Our Platform provide more comfort to learn the code in smart and right way.

Hybrid Model

Hybrid learning is a way to balance the face-to-face and online aspects within a course from the subject matter experts without territory restrictions.


Provide exposure to participate in various hackathon

globally help developing a required skills and help developing a problem solving attitude. Greater platform for those with with innovation and strong coding and concepts knowledge.

Hard Skills

Technical and Domain skills is a basic requirements for any career,  our program ensure that you get the right foundation to start your career much better and stronger. Diverse courses covering Technical and non technical skills & knowledge with the industry experts. Greater chances to build / develop a future ready workforce. 

Soft Skills

Soft Skills play an important role in everyone's life. Our training program focuses on Communication, Problem Solving, Decision Making, Creativity, Adaptability, Work ethics, Networking and Public Speaking Skills to build confident and self dependent.

 Industry Simulation

Provide exposure to have bird’s-eye view of a company process and policies. Understand and develop skills along with the cultures to create a better career path.


We provide a diverse  e-learning platform as per your choice. It's a personalized, self phased platform to choose based on your career progress in an utility model. 

Project Based Learning

Project-based learning is a student-centered pedagogy that involves a dynamic classroom approach in which it is believed that students acquire a deeper knowledge which bridges the gap between knowing and doing.

Global Exposure

Global exposure widens your skills and knowledges in academics/career to build or develop the career in a new horizon. Learn new things, Learn new Cultures, and be Independent. Ensuring you’re able to give wings to your dreams.

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